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FDIC 2006: IFD honors PennWell

Fri, 22 Feb 2008|

PennWell President and CEO Robert F. Biolchini named an honorary battalion chief in the Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department by Chief Jim Greeson.



The speaking. Mr. As CEO of and -- publishing this is a -- here that. It's you've been in -- the -- the only yes and it's and the Indianapolis. On behalf of the men and women in Apple's part apartment they like me you are in the nineteenth and inept our apartment everything -- this helmet. Thank you sir thank you. Let me say that as a former. Captain in the American army. I've never ahead an honor. -- is greater than this honor and I can tell you that time while which is. Will be a hundred years old. In. In just three years. We we consider this show. And and -- and this magazine. To be the the heart and soul of what we stand for it's a great American. Tradition that we have been that you have in firefighting. And I am very proud to be when -- your Brothers. In an honorary way it's it's a great privilege for -- well. We have almost forty magazines and sixty shows but I assure you that this is number one in our hearts. And I think it's one of the greatest services. That we as a media company. Can do for America in the world and I thank you. Homily for for being made an honorary member I'm proud. To be a brother with you thank you. We had an ulterior motive chief reason I know -- -- him. So up. Keep that in mind sort of.